Saturday, 3 October 2015

Get Her Style: Pia Mia Perez

Hey Guys!
Over on my YouTube Channel I done a Pia Mia makeup tutorial for her 'Do It Again' Music Video and I thought I would do a 'Get Her Look' post as well. I havent done one of these in a while so I am delighted to be doing another one of these type of posts.
So let us get started!


A pair of Stone Skinny Tube Jeans and a Mint Crop Top with a Nude Day Bag  and Nude Gladiator Heels  is the perfect outfit for day or night! Its super girly as well. 


Yet another day or night outfit match a pair of High Waist Skinny Jeans with a Grey Crop Top and a
Nude Cardigan. And then a pair of White High Top Wedged Trainers  from Pia's Misguided range to create the perfect outfit.

Hope ye enjoyed!
Sarah x

Monday, 28 September 2015

Get To Know: Pia Mia Perez

Pia Mia Perez or best known Pia Mia has been around for a while but its only recently her name has been heard on Music Channels and Radios world-wide. This is all thanks to her latest single 'Do It Again' featuring Chris Brown and Tyga. Pia Mia has been branded as Kylie Jenners best friend, but I thought it was time to do a post so you's can get to know Pia Mia as an individual and not just as Kylie Jenners best friend!

Pia Mia was introduced to Chris Brown's manager and record executive Abou 'Bu' Thiam in 2013. She began working on material with producer Nic Nac and has since entered a relationship with him, including a cover of Drake's 2013 single "Hold On, We're Going Home". Later in 2013 Pia Mia's music video for Red Love, her debut single from her first extended play The Gift, was uploaded to her Vevo channel. On December 23, 2013, Pia Mia released The Gift online for free. This was later shortened and released on ITunes.
Pia Mia began working on her debut album in 2014, and as of May 2015, she has recorded over 100 songs for the album. On May 4, 2015, Pia released "Do It Again" as the lead single from her debut studio album. The song, which featured vocals from Chris Brown and Tyga, became Mia's first charting song. It has reached No. 71 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, No. 19 on the Rhythmic Songs chart and No. 70 on the Canadian Hot 100. 
Check out the video here: Pia Mia- Do It Again

More About Pia
Birth name: Pia Mia Perez
Born: September 19, 1996 (age 19), Guam, United States
Genres: Pop, R&B
Occupation(s): Singer, model
Instruments: Vocals, piano, guitar
Years active: 2009–present
Labels: Interscope

So there you go! I hope you got to know Pia Mia a little better.

Sarah x

Monday, 21 September 2015

My Music Guilty Pleasures

It has come to my attention recently that there is a lot of different artists I love that I wouldn't be awfully proud to admit to listening to, but I am here to admit to it  and tell you guys who my guilty pressures really are.

WARNING!! Some of these may be cringey!

1/ Okay first off is my queen, Nicki Minaj. Yes you may know I love me some Nicki Minaj because I admitted it over in one of my youtube videos (link). But obviously if you didn't see the video you wouldn't have know. I dont know why I love Nicki Minaj so much but I just love everything about her. When I'm on spotify I can just listen to her albums over and over and not get bored. Nicki is such a powerful woman and I suppose that's why I love her so much.

2/ This one I cant beliebe I am about to admit.. see what I did there? Yes I am weirdly obsessed with Justin Bieber... I dont know what it is but I love listening to the Biebs. He has really catchy songs and he's so damn good looking!! Hate me all you want but Justin Bieber is fabulous.

3/ I suppose being a Chris Brown fan isnt as embarrassing as being obsessed with Justin Bieber but yeah Breezy is another one of my guilty pleasures. Again Chris Browns songs are soo good and whenever I listen to a song of his I am automatically put in a good mood.

4/ Bon Jovi is another one of my guilty pleasure and my mam is to blame for this. Mam loves Bon Jovi so I have grown up with listening to the likes of Livin On A Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name and It's My Life, so of course I am going to have a special place in my heart for them.

5/ Last but not least is Green Day... I know I have admitted to liking rock music before but I really love Green Day. My brother loved them when he was younger and I suppose thats where I got my interest in them as well. I literally love their album 21st Century Breakdown!!

Okay so there is my guilty pleasures.
Have you got any guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments.

Sarah x

Monday, 14 September 2015

School Bus Playlist

Hey Guys!
I have entered my final year of secondary school, the big Leaving Cert... Let me take a minute to actually process that.
Okay...I think I'm good. 
So now the school year is back in full swing, I am back on the dreaded tansport a.k.a the school bus, where the gossip is shared and where little old me likes to stick her headphones in and block out the rest of the world. 
So with that, i need a playlist to get me through the 40 minute journey to school and who better to share it with than you guys!
So here it goes:

6/ Meek Mill- All Eyes On You
7/ Rae Sremmurd- This Could Be Us
8/ All Time Low- Kids In The Dark
9/ Jack and Jack- California
10/ Sammy&Skate- Vibe Out

So there you go, the songs that get me through the dreaded bus journey to school.

Hope you enjoyed.
See you next time
Sarah x

Monday, 17 August 2015

Teen Choice Awards

Hey Guys!
I am back blogging again after a very hectic summer. I have been here, there and everywhere this summer and I have finally found some down time to relax and type up a blog post. Between going on a road trip with my mam and my brother, the blog squad assembling again in Dundrum, having the laugh with the OGIC (a group of girls I have had the pleasure of getting to know) and nights out with my amazing friends, I just haven't found any time to sit and type until my hearts content. But don't fear because I am here to talk to you about the fashion, the rumours, the fall out and the winners of the Teen Choice Awards 2015!

The fashion.
As far as females go, Shay Mitchell a.k.a. Emily Fields from PLL slayed with her amazing outfit! just look at how amazing she looked:

The one thing that annoyed me scrolling through Twitter last night was the hate Nash Grier got because of his outfit. It's times like this that I can't stand social media because Nash looked bomb in his double denim. Seeing people make fun of him and hearing the rumours he left because people were making fun of him killed me.
Nash rocked that double denim and pulled his outfit off better than anyone could and that is why I think he was the best dressed male at the show. Just look:

The Janoskians didn't fail to have a laugh and a joke around with their full body painted tuxedos. They looked amazing and I couldn't stop laughing. Those boys are so original, I just love it!

5SOS may not have won any awards but they sure did put on an amazing show performing their new single She's Kinda Hot and Luke Hemmings looked kinda hot... No he looked beyond hot! There is no words to describe how perfect that boy is.

Flo Rida had everyone on their feet and singing along to his new song I Don't Like It, I Love It. He is such and amazing performer and its such and amazing song.

The Winners... or were they?
There was two categories in particular that sent my twitter timeline into a frenzy and that was Choice Web Star: Music (#ChoiceWebStarMusic) and Choice Web Star: Comedy (#ChoiceWebStarComedy).

The Choice Web Star Music went to none other than the incredibly talented Shawn Mendes who I am extremely proud of. It must have been hard though for the Jacks and Shawn to go head to head as they're are friends after all, but was he really the winner? According to Twitter that does seem to be the case. Apparently the voting was rigged and Jack and Jack should have won.
As you can see here and below:
People went on to a website called Topsy which can tell you how many tweets a certain hashtag got in comparison to another hashtag. As you can see the hashtag for Jack and Jack had nearly 10,000 more tweets than Shawns hashtag! Does this mean the votes were rigged and Jack and Jack should have won?
Don't get me wrong I am so happy for Shawn and I love both him and the Jacks and I would have been happy for either of them but a vote is a vote and the proof is in the hashtag.

The second category was between Miranda Sings and the Janoskians. Was this another rigged vote? Again, it was searched on the website Topsy and the Janoskians won by a milestone... But wait, they didnt get the TCA surfboard? See it here and below:

Maybe the awards was rigged but there's not much we can do about it now.
Heres the list of the winners of this years TCA's:
Choice Movie: Action/Adventure (#ChoiceActionMovie)
“Furious 7”

Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure (#ChoiceActionMovieActor)
Paul Walker – “Furious 7”

Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure (#ChoiceActionMovieActress)
Shailene Woodley – “Insurgent”

Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiMovie)
“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”

Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiMovieActor)
Josh Hutcherson – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”

Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiMovieActress)
Jennifer Lawrence – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”

Choice Movie: Drama (#ChoiceDramaMovie)
“If I Stay”

Choice Movie Actor: Drama (#ChoiceDramaMovieActor)
Scott Eastwood –“The Longest Ride”

Choice Movie Actress: Drama (#ChoiceDramaMovieActress)
Chloë Grace Moretz – “If I Stay”

Choice Movie: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyMovie)
“Pitch Perfect 2”

Choice Movie Actor: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyMovieActor)
Skylar Astin – “Pitch Perfect 2”

Choice Movie Actress: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyMovieActress)
Anna Kendrick – “Pitch Perfect 2”

Choice Movie Villain (#ChoiceMovieVillain)
Bella Thorne – “The Duff”

Choice Movie Scene Stealer (#ChoiceMovieSceneStealer)
Chris Evans – “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Choice Movie Breakout Star (#ChoiceMovieBreakoutStar)
Cara Delevingne – “Paper Towns”

Choice Movie Chemistry (#ChoiceMovieChemistry)
Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow – “Pitch Perfect 2”

Choice Movie Liplock (#ChoiceMovieLiplock)
Shailene Woodley & Theo James – “Insurgent”

Choice Movie Hissy Fit (#ChoiceMovieHissyFit)
Anna Kendrick – “Pitch Perfect 2”

Choice Summer Movie (#ChoiceSummerMovie)
“Paper Towns”

Choice Summer Movie Star: Male (#ChoiceSummerMovieStarMale)
Channing Tatum – “Magic Mike XXL”

Choice Summer Movie Star: Female (#ChoiceSummerMovieStarFemale)
Cara Delevingne – “Paper Towns”

Choice TV Show: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVShow)
“Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Actor: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVActor)
Ian Harding – “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Actress: Drama (#ChoiceDramaTVActress)
Lucy Hale – “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiTVShow)
“The Vampire Diaries”

Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiTVActor)
Jared Padalecki – “Supernatural”

Choice TV Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy (#ChoiceSciFiTVActress)
Nina Dobrev – “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice TV Show: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyTVShow)
“The Big Bang Theory”

Choice TV Actor: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyTVActor)
Ross Lynch – “Austin & Ally”

Choice TV Actress: Comedy (#ChoiceComedyTVActress)
Lea Michele – “Glee”

Choice TV: Animated Show (#ChoiceAnimatedTVShow)
“Family Guy”

Choice TV: Reality Show (#ChoiceRealityTVShow)
“The Voice”

Choice TV Villain (#ChoiceTVVillain)
“A” – “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV: Scene Stealer (#ChoiceTVSceneStealer)
Dylan O’Brien – “Teen Wolf”

Choice TV: Breakout Star (#ChoiceTVBreakoutStar)
Grant Gustin – “The Flash”

Choice TV: Breakout Show (#ChoiceTVBreakoutShow)

Choice TV: Chemistry (#ChoiceTVChemistry)
Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins – “Supernatural”

Choice TV: Liplock (#ChoiceTVLiplock)
Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder – “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice Summer TV Show (#ChoiceSummerTVShow)
“Teen Wolf”

Choice Summer TV Star: Male (#ChoiceSummerTVStarMale)
Tyler Blackburn – “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Summer TV Star: Female (#ChoiceSummerTVStarFemale)
Ashley Benson – “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Male Artist (#ChoiceMaleArtist)
Ed Sheeran

Choice Female Artist (#ChoiceFemaleArtist)
Demi Lovato

Choice Music Group: Male (#ChoiceMusicGroupMale)
One Direction

Choice Music Group: Female (#ChoiceMusicGroupFemale)
Fifth Harmony

Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist (#ChoiceRBHipHopArtist)
Nicki Minaj

Choice Country Artist (#ChoiceCountryArtist)
Carrie Underwood

Choice Song: Female Artist (#ChoiceSongFemaleArtist)
Ariana Grande – “One Last Time”

Choice Song: Male Artist (#ChoiceSongMaleArtist)
Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

Choice Song: Group (#ChoiceSongGroup)
One Direction – “Steal My Girl”

Choice International Artist (#ChoiceInternationalArtist) - NEW
Super Junior

Choice Country Song (#ChoiceCountrySong)
Carrie Underwood, “Little Toy Guns”

Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song (#ChoiceRBHipHopSong)
Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth – “See You Again”

Choice Rock Song (#ChoiceRockSong)
Hozier – “Take Me To Church”

Choice Love Song (#ChoiceLoveSong)
One Direction – “Night Changes”

Choice Break-Up Song (#ChoiceBreakupSong)

Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Choice Party Song (#ChoicePartySong)
One Direction – “No Control”

Choice Music Breakout Artist (#ChoiceMusicBreakoutArtist)
Little Mix

Choice Music: Next Big Thing (#ChoiceMusicNextBigThing)
Bea Miller

Choice Music: Collaboration (#ChoiceMusicCollaboration)
Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Choice Song from a Movie or TV Show (#ChoiceMovieTVSong)
Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth – “See You Again,” from “Furious 7”

Choice Summer Song (#ChoiceSummerSong)
Fifth Harmony featuring Kid Ink – “Worth It”

Choice Summer Music Star: Female (#ChoiceSummerMusicStarFemale)
Taylor Swift

Choice Summer Music Star: Male (#ChoiceSummerMusicStarMale)
Ed Sheeran

Choice Summer Music Star: Group (#ChoiceSummerMusicStarGroup)
One Direction

Choice Summer Tour (#ChoiceSummerTour)
One Direction – “On the Road Again Tour”

Choice Male Athlete (#ChoiceMaleAthlete)
Stephen Curry

Choice Female Athlete (#ChoiceFemaleAthlete)
The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

Choice Female Hottie (#ChoiceFemaleHottie)
Fifth Harmony

Choice Male Hottie (#ChoiceMaleHottie)
One Direction

Choice Comedian (#ChoiceComedian)
Ellen DeGeneres

Choice Selfie Taker (#ChoiceSelfieTaker)
One Direction

Choice Dancer (#ChoiceDancer)
Chloe Lukasiak

Choice Model (#ChoiceModel)
Kendall Jenner

Choice Web Star: Female (#ChoiceWebStarFemale)
Bethany Mota

Choice Web Star: Male (#ChoiceWebStarMale)
Cameron Dallas

Choice Web Star: Comedy (#ChoiceWebStarComedy)
Colleen Ballinger ("Miranda Sings")

Choice Web Star: Music (#ChoiceWebStarMusic)Shawn Mendes

Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty (#ChoiceWebStarFashionBeauty)
Zoe Sugg ("Zoella")

Social Media King (#SocialMediaKing)
Justin Bieber

Social Media Queen (#SocialMediaQueen)
Caitlyn Jenner

Choice Twit (#ChoiceTwit)
Taylor Swift

Choice Viner (#ChoiceViner)
Cameron Dallas

Choice Instagrammer (#ChoiceInstagrammer)
Ariana Grande

Choice YouTuber (#ChoiceYouTuber)
Kian Lawley ("SuperKian13")

Choice Fandom (#ChoiceFandom)

I hope you enjoyed my opinion on this years TCA's.
Until Next Time
Sarah x

Who was your favourite winner?
Was the show rigged?

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Debs 2015 and my First Youtube Video.

Hey Guys!
So on Wednesday I went to my first Debs with a few of my friends. The Leaving Certs were ever so kind to invite the 5th years along to their Debs and after twisting my mams arm I was finally allowed to go. OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!
I headed into town at about 4 o'clock and met up with Helen and Angelica who both looked amazing in their dresses and we got a few pictures taken (seen below).

After all the pictures and chatting to a few people it was time to crowd onto the bus and begin of journey to Carrick-On-Shannon (a.k.a. me and mums favourite place). We were having a meal in the Landmark hotel which was actually quite exciting for me. I have literally ate in every place in Carrick apart from the Landmark. We all had a laugh with each other and I literally could not ask for a better night.

After the meal and a few awards been handed out to the Laving Certs it was time to head into the nightclub. This is when the real party started. I had such an amazing time and I could not have asked for better people to be around that night, the laughing was never ending.
Anyway we headed home at about 3am and I was soooooooooo damn happy to see my bed!!!

Okay so here's the best part of this blog post... MY FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO!! What?!
I cannot believe I have finally ventured into the world of Youtube and I am super excited to do so. It took a lot of consideration to start this as I have received negative comments towards my blogging in the past but I feel I am a stronger person now. So here it goes; Video editing and writing is definitely the path I want to take when I head off to college and I feel this will help me towards my future career. I have such a passion for editing videos and just editorial work in particular. I am aware there may be comments whether they be positive or negative but I feel I can take them head on and continue doing what I love for me!

So here it is my first youtube video!!!
GRWM: Debs 2015!

See you for my next post!
Sarah x

What is your favourite type of youtube video to watch?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Exercises For The Summer Months

Hey Guys!
So since the summer months have kicked in I've been getting back into my fitness, as I now have the time to do so. So I thought I would show you guys some of my favourite exercises for toning up and of those jiggly bits!!

Obviously cardio is like a major detail you cant leave out of a workout. I like to go for a walk/jog 3-5 times a week and I only go for a half an hour. You can swim or cycle also. 
Then when I come home I get straight into the toning, so here is the list of what I do:

1/ Squats with Dumbbells
Basically use dumbbells with a weight of 8-10 pounds in each hand and squat as usual. I do this 15-20 time for 3 reps.

2/ Donkey Kicks
Start on all fours. Keep your right knee on the ground and slowly lift your leg off the floor and towards the ceiling. Hold for one count and return to your starting position. I normally do 18-20 donkey kicks on each leg for one rep.

3/ Pilé
This move isn't just for ballerinas. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The just squat and hold for 2-3 counts. I do 15-20 of these for one rep.

4/ Standard Crunch
Lie on your back with your legs slightly bent, feet on the floor and arms crossed over your chest. Then lift your shoulder blades off the ground. I do 20 crunches for one rep.

5/ Cross Mountain Climbers
Begin in a pushup position and bring your left leg over to the right and twist your body with your leg. I do 15 for one rep.

Honestly it doesnt look like I do a lot but it works wonders!
Have you any workout tips?

Until Next Time
Sarah x